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J1Z-3ZTH-10T Hand Drill power tools with GS Mark
  • J1Z-3ZTH-10T Hand Drill power tools with GS Mark
ProductName:J1Z-3ZTH-10T Hand Drill power tools with GS Mark
Category:Drill&Screwdriver&Saw ·TPE/TPR coated soft material to ensure comfortable hand holding
·Ergonomic designed handle to ensure good holding
·High-brightness LED light provides a good operating lighting
·Output torque can be adjusted for different sizes of drills 
·Rotation speed is adjustable
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Product Details:
Technical Data   J1Z-3ZTH-10T
Mains voltage V 100
Power frequency Hz 50/60
Power consumption W 70
Current A 0.65
Keyless chuck diameter mm Ø0.8-10
Reted speed,setting min-1 0-500
Torque kgf•cm 4-80
Net/gross weight kg 6.5/8/6pcs
Packing mm 440×205×245/6pcs
20'/40' container pcs 2200/4000
  • J1Z-3ZTH-10T
    Hold the handle of the gun drill,put the index finger on the switch board machine.
  • Pressing the trigger switch,LED lights will be on.
  • J1Z-3ZTH-10T-2
    As shown by the arrow direction,rotate torque adjustment button,can adjust the gun drill the size of the output torque.
  • Switch on/off plate on the side of putting machine,drilling machine can adjust the forward and reverse rotation,the right button is self-locking function switch button.


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