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GPS watch to help dementia patients
BrowseNumber:4160;ReleaseDate:2015-05-15 09:58:48

A council in Kent is launching a three month trial of GPS watches to help dementia patients maintain their independence.

The launch will take place next in Dementia Awareness Week by Medway Council.

Alerts from the watch are sent back to Medway Council's Control Centre from where operators will be able to establish a patient's location and alert relevant family members, or if required the emergency services.

The centre can be alerted in a number of ways:
If the watch wearer presses the SOS button for help
If the person goes outside an area pre-determined by family or guardians to keep the patient away from potentially dangerous situations, such as busy road or rivers
If the patient does not return home, family members or guardians can contact the control centre directly.
The control centre is staffed 24 hours a day meaning there will always be someone available to monitor for alerts .

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