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Syracuse police security camera catches shooting on video, documents say
BrowseNumber:4388;ReleaseDate:2015-03-16 14:40:55

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Police charged a 21-year-old city man earlier this month with shooting another man in the shin at point-blank range. The victim later identified Lawrence Moore as the person who shot him.

But, according to a felony complaint filed in court, Syracuse police detectives had an extra piece of evidence on their side: one of their own cameras caught the incident on video.

Lawrence Moore.JPG
Lawrence Moore
Syracuse Police Department

Moore, of 313 Hoefler St., was charged May 1 with second-degree assault and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

The shooting occurred about 5:42 p.m. on April 28 at 104 Davis St. Police said a 29-year-old man was sitting on his porch when he was shot in the left shin by Moore from a few feet away. The man lived, but the gunshot shattered his tibia and required surgery.

Though Moore's arrest was previously known, police did not say at the time that one of their own surveillance cameras had captured the shooting. The department has scores of cameras positioned in crime hotspots across the city as part of its Criminal Observation and Protection System.

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Police Chief Frank Fowler has touted the department's surveillance cameras, highlighting their use in cases, such as the arrest of a man accused of starting a fatal North Side fire last summer.

It's not clear what the motive for the shooting was. According to the felony complaint, the man who was shot had known Moore for six years.

Moore was arrested on weapons charges in February. He and several other men are accused of throwing a loaded handgun out the window of a car they were riding in.

Moore was arraigned Syracuse City Criminal Court and ordered held at the Onondaga County jail on $50,000 bail or $100,000

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