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High Speed 2 'good nei***our' plans
BrowseNumber:5011;ReleaseDate:2015-01-06 11:45:47

High Speed Two Ltd, the company planning to build Britain’s new high-speed railway, has published its plans for being a good neighbour while building the line’s first phase between London and the West Midlands. Its draft code of construction practice explains how the company will develop the line.
The draft code will be in two parts. The first will contain standards for all sites along the route to reduce the impact on the neighbouring communities and the natural environment. The second part will include local plans developed in association with local authorities and statutory bodies.
We’re publishing the draft code following early consultation with local authority planning officers and key statutory bodies so that people have the opportunity to understand our approach to construction management. We feel that the measures included in this draft Code of Construction Practice will set the standard for construction throughout the industry and demonstrates our commitment to reducing the impact on communities and natural environment."

The draft code will be the subject of public consultation later in 2013. Measures set out in the draft code include:
GPS tracking of dumper trucks to ensure that no fly tipping happens and that agreed transport routes are used at all times.
Use of 'directional broadband' instead of the traditional reverse warning beeps for vehicles, which are safer and cause less disturbance to neighbours.
Maintenance of existing public rights of way for pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists around the perimeter of construction sites.

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