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  • Solution:Q1: camera and PC are connected in the same LAN ( Router), how to view the camera video?Answered:Step1: please click ‘search”, ( please make sure your firewall will not block up the camera ... [Detailed]

  • Solution:1.Keep wireless monitor/DVR in the same channel the camera.2.Can’t power on: Maybe no power. Recharging the DVR is ok;3.System halted: Press the RESET key to turn on player again;4.Can not p... [Detailed]

  • Solution:I. Terminal(I) Install the TerminalHow to Connect the ACC Wire of Electric Vehicles1. Use a multimeter to measure a wire on the electric door lock of an electric vehicle. On a 64V electric vehicle, th... [Detailed]

  • Solution:1.How to upgrade the software ?Solution: U disk: Put upgrade file into the U disk root directory, plugged into the DVR, the "Main Menu - Administrative Tools - System Upgrade" inside, click... [Detailed]

  • Solution:FaultⅠ: Not receiving pictureSolution:1. Check whether the receivers power is turned on;2. Check the cameras power is turned on;3. whether the frequency same with camera received;4. Check whether the... [Detailed]

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