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Wireless Camera& DVR FAQ
BrowseNumber:7939;ReleaseDate:2013-07-24 17:12:59

1.Keep wireless monitor/DVR in the same channel the camera.
2.Can’t power on: Maybe no power. Recharging the DVR is ok;
3.System halted: Press the RESET key to turn on player again;
4.Can not play:Maybe the format of video file is not supported by this DVR, please convert it into the supported format.
5.The text is in messy code: Make sure the correct language is selected.
6.Can’t upload / download files or can’t find the disk in PC: Replace USB cable/USB port.
7.Can not save file:SD card is not in DVR, please insert SD card; or SD card memory is full, please delete some files to release memory; or there is damaged area in memory, please format it.

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