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Baby Monitor FAQ
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FaultⅠ: Not receiving picture

1. Check whether the receiver's power is turned on;
2. Check the camera's power is turned on;
3. whether the frequency same with camera received;
4. Check whether the receiver antenna connected;
5.The camera is within the effective range or whether the signal received from the obstacle is shielded. 

Fault II: Receiver screen interference

1. Check that the antenna is connected, and can properly adjust the position of antenna;
2. Can be replaced with a higher receiver sensitivity large antenna;
3. Whether the camera is in valid received signal distance range or signal shielded by metal;
4. appropriate adjustments darkness of the screen;
5, check whether there are other 2.4Ghz wireless signal interference.

Fault Ⅲ: Can not input audio/video

1. ensure whether the wireless receiver's receiver function has been closed, that does not show 1-4 CH (video input must turn off the radio reception function);
2. Check the A / V cable whether is broken.

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