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1.How to upgrade the software ?
Solution:  U disk: Put upgrade file into the U disk root directory, plugged into the DVR, the "Main Menu - Administrative Tools - System Upgrade" inside, click refresh, select the upgrade file, click "Upgrade"
IE upgrade:  IE connected DVR, enter the "Configuration - System configuration - System Maintenance - Software Upgrade", click "Browse" to select the upgrade file, click on the "Start Upgrade" to upgrade, and then wait for the completion of DVR can automatically restart.

2.How to use the restore file ?  
Solution:  DVR rear panel has two USB ports,when restoring the system, please do not try to connect other USB devices. U disk to be inserted in the USB port on the above, do not plug in the USB interface below. Step:
(1) Copy the file  kernel.img  to the U disk root directory. (Restore file name must be kernel.img, if not please modify)
(2) Turn off the power, plug U disk, boot.
(3) Wait for some time (5-8 minutes), after hearing the beep power off, unplug the U disk.
(4) Reboot DVR.
Note: Please remove restore file kernel.img in U disk, in order to avoid the restoring the system happenagain.

3.Why U disk is not detected ?
Solution:  (1) Try another USB port    (2) U disk inserted in the usb port then restart it.
       (3) Try another U disk      (4) DVR restore factory settings or upgrade .

4.When U-disk backup can not find the video file on your computer ?
Solution:  (1) Re-insert U disk, and backup    (2) try another USB port backup
(3) try another U-disk backup      (4) DVR restore factory settings or upgrade

5.Forgot login password ?
    Solution:  Super Password is: 222222222222  (12pcs 2), can only be used on this machine. Use Admin and super password, select the landing "Main Menu - Administrative Tools - Restore Default", the password will revert to the factory settings.

6.How to use IE browser & mobile phone software & CMS access devices ?
Solution:  (1) IE connection:  Enter ip address and http port in the address bar (if http port is 80, no need to add), as:  username, password same with local DVR's Login.
  P2P-IE connection: Input  into the web page, enter the P2P ID, DVR user name, password, login will be ok . (if not IE browser will automatically jump to
(2) CMS client connections:  Address can filled domain name or ip, such as:,, more. Port fill signaling port have set in DVR network. User name, password same with local DVR's Login. P2P-CMS DVR connection: Enter the address P2P ID, port fill 0 .
(3) phone connection. Install phone monitoring software "Sumart Meye". The device name can be customized, can fill ip address or domain name, port fill the phone monitor port in DVR network settings, default is: 6003. User name, password same with local DVR's Login. P2P- phone connection: Enter P2P ID in the address.

7.IE plug-in can not be installed, the prompt "Unable to verify Publisher, so Windows has blocked this software. " ?
Solution:  Open IE-- tool --Inernet Options - Security - Custom - "Download unsigned controls" and "not marked as safe for scripting ActiveX controls to initialize and execute the" Select "prompt".

8.P2P ID Rom, note login failure ?
   Solution:   (1) Ensure the network in good condition.
(2) DVR network settings change DNS to, save, reboot.
(3) DVR upgrade to the latest version.

9.How to preview, recording, playback audio in the machine?
Solution:   (1) Connect the audio input& output to devices.
(2) Recording:  Enter DVR "Main Menu - System Settings - encoding settings", check the audio.
(3) The machine Preview Audio:  Mouse click on the speaker icon in the lower left corner of each channel, then can preview the audio field. Click again to close the site to preview audio.
(4) The machine playback Audio:  Select an audio time to playback, Click on the speaker icon in the playback control bar, Mouse click channel playback audio of the channel.

10.How to turn off video channel ?
    Solution:  (1) Enter the DVR "Main Menu - recording function - Video Settings"
(2) Select the video channel that no need to recording, check the "off", with a mouse click or
drag in the time zone, save.

11.How to calculate disk space occupied (recording time)?
Solution:  (1) into the DVR "Main Menu - System Settings - encoding settings" to check
the rate information
(2) Conversion rate: 1kbps = (1/8/1024) * 3600MB / H, 1Mbps = 450MB / H.
Recording time (hours) = total capacity of the hard disk (M) / hour up hard disk space (M) *
Recording Channels . to make a user-specified video channels ?
Solution:  (A) Enter DVR- Main Menu - System Settings - channel permissions (tick)
(2) Into the management tools - User Management - increase user - select the corresponding channel (3) when login the corresponds user will be effect.

13.How to set up the PTZ function?
Solution:  (1) Connect PTZ 485 line to DVR back panel 485 port, A (+) is positive, B (-) negative for.
(2) Into the DVR "Main Menu - System Settings - PTZ settings", the address / protocol / baud rate to be consistent with the PTZ.
(3) If the network speed dome camera connected NVR, and use onvif protocol control PTZ, PTZ setting for device type need to choose "Distance" .
14. Stop in LOGO interface when boot ?
   Solution:  (1) Take down the video cable, hard drive and other , boot again.
   (2) Try another power supply. Do not use a sub-multiple of power.
   (3) Using a recovery file recovery system.

15.Boot black or black after color bar(no dividing line) ?
   Solution:  (1) Connect camera and see wether there is image .
(2) No picture: use restore file recovery system .
(3) Have an image: when image appear , wait a few seconds, press the left mouse button 10 seconds or more to switch the output mode. if still no use, use restore file recovery system.

16.DVR often crash or reboot?
   Solution:  (1) Try to format the hard drive.
(2) Check the hard disk sata cable ensure there is no problem. Remove the hard drive or replace the hard drive.
(3) Try another power supply.
(4) The heat is bad, too much dust, the machine is too harsh operating environment. Put machine on a suitable working environment .
(5) Restore DVR to the default or upgrade
(6) DVR hardware problem.

17.Can not find hard disk or formatted hard drive detection Show unformatted ?
   Solution:  (1) Check the hard disk ensure whether is spinning and working.
(2) Check the hard disk sata cable and connectors.
(3)Try to Change another hard disk.
(4) Try to Change another power supply.
(5) Restore DVR to factory settings or upgrade.

18.Single or multi-channel video no output, no picture ?
Solution:  (1) image brightness turned into 0. To restore the default color of image.
(2) video cable is bad. Change a video cable.
(3) No video input signal or too weak. Check the camera power and video cables.
(4) Account permissions problem. Have permission to be a lock icon on the channel, enter the user management, open real-time preview user permissions.
(5) Video format is wrong. Switching video format PAL / NTSC.
(6) DVR restore factory settings or upgrade
(7) Hardware problem (please contact the factory Repair). 
19.Real-time image problems, such as black and white image display, color brightness distortion and so on ?
Solution:  (1) video format is wrong. Switching video format (PAL / NTSC)
(2) Image color settings problem. The image color settings to default.
(3) DVR restore factory settings or upgrade.
(3)DVR is impedance mismatch with monitors.
(4) video transmission distance is too far or video transmission line attenuation too much.

20.Remote control can not control ?
Solution:  (1) Remote control distance is too far away or more partial of angle.
(2) Remote control batteries run out.
(3) Remote address wrong.
(4) Damage or VCR remote control front panel damage.

21.How to maintain IPC time with NVR?
Solution:  Open the main menu - general settings - on time (check) can be.    

22.NVR / HVR channel dislocation?
Solution:  Use mouse to select the channel video drag to corresponding position.  

23.NVR / HVR can found iP camera, or add a success but no images ?
Solution:  (1) Check whether NVR/HVR is in the same LAN area with iP camera.
(2) ensure whether is updated the ip camera password .        

24.How to use the digital zoom function?
Solution:  Press the left mouse button marquee in a channel need to enlarge the area and then slide the mouse wheel to enlarge the area.  

25.When CMS Watching via P2P cloud, the video is delay or no image?
Solution:  (1) Check P2P ID is working login via web page.
(2) Install the latest version of CMS
(3) Add in the end of ID, port change into 6003 ,as: 

26.How to download mobile phone software?
Solution:  Android phones go to google play or ING markets for online search Smart meyer install Apple Mobile app download Smart meye go to App Store or iTunes download!  

27.Phone software Smart meye unknown error occurred, Smart meye not responding?
Solution:  Uninstall it, then reinstall the phone monitoring software .

28.Mobile software to access 960P resolution or higher resolution device IP channel Huaping?
Solution:  Upgrade NVR / HVR.  

29.Mobile software displays the connection fails when adding devices ?
Solution:  (1) Check P2P ID is working login via web page.
(2) Check the phone port are correct.
(3) Check for updates of phone software version.
(4) try more times to connect it.  

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