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We have sent you the item but you have not received it----Shipping information is incomplete
BrowseNumber:8894;ReleaseDate:2013-07-20 14:56:59

Case 1: The item is in transit. It refers to any delivery failure case except for customs detention. The tracking information shown on the carrier's official website includes customs cleared, leaving the processing center, and being dispatched to XXX, etc. In such cases, we should take the full responsibility and make a full refund to customer in principle.

Case 2: If the delivery fails because the address the buyer provided is incorrect or incomplete (according to what is indicated on the official website of the shipping carrier, e.g. “the address is unavailable for delivery”), the item is shipped back to us.

For non-customer made items: We will deduct the shipping fee while return the rest money of the payment to the buyer.

For custom made items: Buyer will undertake the shipping fee as well as a 50% refund of the product purchase price.

In this case, if the buyer needs the item, he or she should pay for the shipping fee, and we will reship it to the right address.

Case 3: If the delivery fails and the item is not returned to us.

In this case, the buyer should be eligible for part of the product purchase price as well as the shipping fee.

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