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Lack of functions
BrowseNumber:8585;ReleaseDate:2013-07-20 14:58:28

Definition: the item received by the buyer lacks some functions.

Handling Methods

Ttbvs: product description

Buyer:  the buyer needs to complain about the product problems and provide related images and/or videos within seven working days from the date of receiving the item, the delivery receipt, etc. (If the weight of the item needs to be verified, the buyer can provide the image and/or videos for proving it; if more than one piece has the above problems, the buyer needs to provide the image and/or videos of each piece).

We only accept products in their original condition.

Please note that we cannot process any products that are returned without our prior knowledge. If you wish to return any or all parts of your order, you will need to contact customer service firstly, and you can send the items back after their confirmation.We will try our best to help you.

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