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Situations That We Do Not Handle Your Dispute
BrowseNumber:8450;ReleaseDate:2013-07-21 14:51:43

Ttbvs has the right not to handle the case when the buyer fails to provide any valid evidences in 7 working days. If you are not satisfied with the items you received and want to start a dispute case with us, we suggest you'd better provide enough evidences timely, which is very helpful for you to get a refund or return.
Please kindly bear in mind to send us the delivery information including shipping method and tracking number within one week after you get our confirmation of returning for your item .In addition, for cases that when the item customer receive have no quality problems at all, but the customer want a refund just because he doesn't like it, then we are sorry to inform that ttbvs also has the right not to deal with it.

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