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Delivery and Duty-free Insurance
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What is Delivery and Duty-free Insurance?
Delivery and Duty-free Insurance refers that if the consumers didn't receive the goods (Non-received reasons within company recommended limited), we will resend items to consumers freely; if the consumers need to pay for import duty, we will refund your tariff up to $50.

Delivery and Duty-free Insurance Charging standard
1)0<Order amount≦100, Delivery and Duty-free Insurance amount USD$1.21;
2)100<Order amount≦200, Delivery and Duty-free Insurance amount USD$2.31;
3)200<Order amount≦300, Delivery and Duty-free Insurance amount USD$3.41 and so on.

How to confirm application of consumer’s non-received goods?
1) The packages have been delivered, but the consumer did not receive the goods due to no one at home or no detailed address; 
2) The consumers fail to receive the goods due to the shipping company’s mistake;
3) Customer service staff confirm that the loss of goods;
4) The buyers did not receive the goods within 45 days from the shipping date which is shown on our website.

How to avoid Import duty?
If there is import duty when the buyers go to claim the parcel, please sign it at first and contact us, then we will refund the import duty which should not exceed the total amount of the buyer’s order amount to your original account after confirmation.

How to verify buyer’s application of non-received orders and Duty certificate? 
We will contact the Third-party company to confirm it.

How to track the order
1) After goods have sent, our service center will sent Email with tracking number to customer. You are able to track order with the tracking number through shipping company.
2) You can also contact with customer service staff to check the status of your order. 

How to provide us with  your Duty certificate?
please Email us your orders number with the scanned copy of your Duty certificate which have already been paid for the Import duty. Customer service staff will contact you by email after we confirm your certificate within 48 hours.

In the case of any of the following circumstances, our company shall not be assume any costs and losses. 
1)The intentional behavior of buyer. 
2)The time of requesting for re-shipping is earlier than the deadline of our shipping time. 
3)For the same order, if the application for reshipping are twice or more than twice, we will not  accept that.
4)The buyer provides with false shipping information and Duty certificate. 
5)The buyer refuses to sign for the product from the seller.

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