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What is the difference between ttbvs and other Chinese suppliers
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You're right to be cautious to have any doubts about importing from China. With some key information about ttbvs, you will have more confidence in starting out with your new China Wholesale supplier:

Based in the city of Shenzhen in mainland China, ttbvs is a wholesaler. We can ship your goods worldwide by air flight and couriers such as DHL and UPS.
Our is different from most Chinese export companies which have minimum order restriction. From a wide selection of the latest released products, you can make an order at any amount, even a piece of sample. You're committed to any large orders after you have test products and find out about the details of importing from ttbvs. For avoiding having to share any of your financial information and having total buyer protection.

Ttbvs also offers the service that drop shippers can send single items directly to customers.

When you place an order, we will offer the English speaking staff to assist you friendly. During this period, you can get the full information about the products which you want to buy.

We will pack your goods very carefully. At the same time, we can label and accompanied the packages correctly with the paperwork for smooth clearance through your country's Customs.

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