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  • Goods preparation comes after our confirmation with your order. Lead time may be 6-18 days starting from the time you offer us correct size info. For example, if you place an order with incorrect info... [Detailed]

  • The best way is contacting our online service to offer us your information. Also when you want to check out, please go to the shopping cart and leave a message for us when submit the order, if you hav... [Detailed]

  • You should sign in first with the correct email address and password that is the same you use when made the order. Then click the button of "Member Account", and then you can see order statu... [Detailed]

  • Please follow the instructions below:Please check your login details and make sure your username which you used for registration, and try again fews minutes system maintenance might ca... [Detailed]

  • Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you make an order from ttbvs:1)Register with ttbvs for free Click the button "sign up" right at the top of and get to the page for... [Detailed]

  • After logging in, you can see “password change” on the middle bottom in member center, Then can change your account password. [Detailed]

  • After logging in, you can see “information change” on the middle bottom in member center. Then can change your email address, shipping information, contact information. [Detailed]

  • You may reset your password via contacting ”online Serices“ or send Email to our overseas department Email address on the "contact us" page. please provide your name and username used regi... [Detailed]

  • If it is a custom made item, and you have the pictures of the product you want, then you can contact our customer service at with specific information (confirming the material, col... [Detailed]

  • Our staffs are featured with professional expertise, rich experience and unlimited credibility. Besides the guaranteed quality of the product and first-rate service, we provide you the best reasonable... [Detailed]

  • To post review on our product, must discuss about this product. The detailed review will appear on the product page after submission.Here is the guidance to show how to create a review:Step 1:Choose t... [Detailed]

  • Payment methods available at include:•MoneyGram•Western Union•Bank Transfer [Detailed]

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